Behind the Lens

Talofa Lava and welcome to my side of the world.wide.web, where life both in and around the camera is documented. Born in New Zealand, raised in the imperfectly perfect South-Auckland, my parents named me after my beloved Nana – Ana. I’m the daughter of two hard-working Samoans, sister to a tall bunch of beings, collector of thoughts in the form of still captures – you never know what I am up to next. My story starts way before I was born with my linkages to the beautiful islands of Samoa. Life was always busy being around a typical Pasifika family – big, loud and beautifully unique. What started off as a diary space has turned into a platform for me to share my favourite things and what I lack in re: story telling, I hope to capture with my good mate, Canon. Since January, 2012 I began trading as a photographer (A Faatoia Fotography) which has taken me to some lovely places, attended many events, met some amazing people and share in their inspiring journeys. It’s all about the letter F: Faith, family, friends, fotography and my favorite things (like music, footy, food, travel, summer, mum’s vai fala and in the winter? more vai fala). Happy browsing, pleasant reading, blessings to you and yours – Soifua ma ia manuia 🙂

To view more captures visit:A Faatoia Foto on 500px


9 thoughts on “Behind the Lens

    • Hi Maureen!

      Thank you for taking the time to visit my ‘diary space’. I hope everything is going well especially with play writing. Eagerly awaiting ‘E Ono Tama’i Pato’ to hit the theatre stage. Do you have any up and coming play readings? Keep sharing your God given talent with words.

      Soifua ma ia manuia 🙂

  1. Ana, you’re such a breath of fresh air – a lady of many talents!! So excited for you and your journey of discovery… Loving your work!!! blessings bud love seps

    • Hi Seps,

      thank you so much you’ve definitely contributed to my life journey! You continue to inspire and motivate people especially the youth to dream big and go for it! Bless you always 🙂

  2. Hi Ana! Love your blog…lovely to see another Sth Auckland on WP lol…I wanted to ask you if you had 200 followers yet (couldn’t find anything on your blogsite)…?..I ask because I’d love to pass on the Liebster Blog Award over to you. Its a ‘pay-forward’ kind of award for us bloggers and to be eligible you must have less than 200 followers and follow a set of rules which – if you accept – I will post up on my blog for you to read and follow. You can google the award for more details also. Please let me know if this is a ‘thumbs up’ from you! xx Ia manuia . Rita 🙂

    • Hi ladies,

      thank you for stopping by. Just checked out your ‘clutter of creative works’ love it! Appreciate the kind words. Look forward to sharing more of my journey with my canon with everyone too 🙂

  3. Talofa Ana

    We are planning to take ‘e ono tama’i pato’ to other parts of Aotearoa later this year. May I have permission to use part of your feedback (from previous performance) for one of our posters, fa’amolemole.

    Fa’afetai lava
    Maureen 🙂

    • Hi Maureen,

      You are welcome to use anything from my post about hearing the play for the first time. Wow – that is great news. I always wondered if it got picked up. Please keep me posted would love to sit in on another reading. Beautiful stories to be told and heard.

      Best, Ana

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