The Ugly Truth – By Emmes Ah Young – Guest Blog

Happy new year world wide web ! Here’s some Tuesday Truths for you – my beautiful cousin sharing the ugly truth in the most beautiful way πŸ™‚


Happy New Year everyone!

I trust that 2016 has well and truly started off with a bang for you all! #ProjectLegsLikeMariah is back, and I promised you something new and good, and here it is. Today features my very first guest blogger, her name is Emmes Ah Young, and her story is quite simply remarkable. This young woman has been through an incredible amount of pain, struggle, heartbreak and now, triumph, in overcoming situations that probably would have been the end of a lot of people.

I first came to learn about Emmes and her story on twitter, she shared snippets of it for us, but not in as much detail as she has done here. I’m so proud to know this beautiful young lady, she was so sweet, that she even sent me Easter eggs in Korea when I was loudly complaining about how Korea didn’t do Easter, and…

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