New You: My first 5K event!

Ticking off that list of events for 2014! I did it – we did it bestie – 9000 or so people DID IT too! It’s all about making it happen – literally!

I think we spent more time trying to get there. Cars lined up the SH1 heading South. Pukekohe residents were probably not expecting the masses of bodies that turned it up for the Color Run Auckland. Awesomeness!

Thank you to my bestie for having me tag along with a few of her colleagues. Simon the ‘mozzie, Marvin our Chinese translator, Shilain and her batmobile and big XO’s to my lovely b2 – we did it – completed our first event – how fun was that? Bring on the next one 🙂

I really enjoyed today’s festivities. I’d urge anyone who hasn’t given something like the above a go! It was nice to finish off the month on a happier note!

RIL Fiso Tanuvasa

A few weeks ago we bid adieu to our beloved cousin Fiso Tanuvasa. His battle with cancer was a testament to what it really means to live life to the fullest! I’ve lost so many loved ones to this terrible disease. Fiso’s passing was a reminder that no matter what life throws at you – we are the author’s of our own fairy-tale.

For you Fiso and for other’s in my family and in our communities – I chose specifically this year to really get myself out there and JUST DO IT! Now that I have my first 5K event in the bag – I’m pumped for the next – round the bays! Can’t remember why I never turned up all these other years – but 2014 – I’ll be there!



If you are one of the few that tune into my ramblings via other social media channels – you may have noticed that I’ve ”missed him’ – our ‘golden boy’.

Our golden boy x

Blondie came to us 2 years ago by chance. We’d just lost our pet rabbit Kovu and I’d said to the siblings – no more pets! That is it. I’ve learnt? having pets is probably the closest I will ever get to  being a parent. Feeding, providing shelter, bathing – everything and anything – they depend on you.

My brothers found Blondie at the park, tied to a tree and children were throwing rocks at him. We don’t know how long he’d been there but they decided to bring him home. We could have called SPCA or animal control to pick him up – but those puppy brown eyes had us at the first bark. He was radical at first but with dad’s good ol’ Samoan discipline (talking to Blondie like he was a person), Blondie fitted right in.

He could sniff trouble from a mile and more so held his guards up if any of it came within meters of us. His family. Really miss our radical golden boy and in due time the sound of his barking, panting, perhaps his scent will slowly fade. But the memory of you will remain. I hope the last 2 years of your life was joyous with us baby boy. I don’t know where you came from – but you were our sunshine after the rain. Friday night was so heart breaking for me. Just when we thought you were getting better – you decided it was not so – you are now at peace. RIL xo

As the month wraps up it has certainly set the tone for the remaining 11 months. If anything can sum up how I’m feeling? This tune right here. So far – just taking it as it comes. Photography projects are coming along really well and it’s been 5 months since I started my new job. That I shall leave for another update about my ‘New You Year’ 🙂

Happy January y’all!


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