Year of the ‘new you’…

No more putting on hold the things that matter the most. This year I’ve decided to take myself seriously because that goal to be 100 years is not going to come easy. Last year I really got to experiment further with the kind of training I enjoy. I am not as unfit as I assumed myself to be – having trained with Ev Ting whom I met the year before when I signed up to PT sessions at Bodi Transformations Studios.

In the past two years I’ve tried all kinds of fitness programmes – Zumba, Yoga, Hot Hula, you name it! Each was rewardingย – not that I ever reached my weight loss goals – but because I was able to connect with inspiring people whose journey’s continued to remind me of what I’m capable of when I put my mind to it.

Emphasis on mind – because that was just it – physically I was there but mentally absent. I thank my family and friends especially my lovelies (they know who they are) who continue to push me and in some way have put up with my many NO’s. When I realised that I could be pushed to my limit and discover a whole other potential (that was every session at Auckland MMA – dead!) – I now have this new-found love for pain.

Fitness Motivation

Anyone and everyone that has heard me complain about pain will know there is a reason I don’t have any tattoos – I will avoid it at ALL costs. But this is a different pain – it’s from knowing that I’m now doing something for myself. Not for him, not to fit into society because that’s what they like to see – but for me because I want to be stronger as I get older.

It’s been a long time coming – but my biggest down fall during my road to a healthier Ana is my eating. So the next 14 days will be interesting. I started my Keto diet plan today. Although my salad didn’t look like this because I replaced the prawns with bacon – it was delish! 15 points Carb count and all the protein (meat) I can eat – love it! At this stage – missing my odd glass of wine with my meals. Oh well!

Garlic Prawns - afaatoiafoto

Watch this space as the year unfolds… Happy New You ๐Ÿ™‚


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