Monday Post: never too hot for…

some koko Samoa. Probably one of the must haves to bring home when visiting the motherland. With the surge of relatives over the Christmas break we have plenty to last us over the summer.

Koko Samoa

Normally I’m not a fan of hot drinks during this time of year. When koko is in the mix? Then yes please – count me in! 🙂

Cup of Koko Samoa

You might be wondering what are those undissolved specs in the drink? It’s what we call pegu (peh-noo). You can choose to drain that out when pouring yourself a cup of koko – or like me I like to chew on them (weird I know – ha!).

Pegu from Koko Samoa Pot

If you want to make some? It’s a matter of getting yourself a block of koko – straight from Samoa that is 🙂 Chopping some and placing into a pot of water – once boiled the pegu is the result of those blocks of koko that you put into the water. Add sugar then drink up 🙂

This humid weather in Auckland at the moment is making me want to go back to the islands where everything from koko Samoa to fresh coconut juice is just an arm length away.

Happy 6th day of 2014 🙂



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