Day 2: And there is alot to be thankful for…

The holiday season here in my corner of the universe (more so in my world) is about family. For as long as I’ve known – Christmas is with Mum’s aiga and New Year’s is with Dad’s familia.

02.01.13 Sky, Manurewa Auckland

January 2nd is probably the one day of the year that is certain – no matter where we go, we are all expected to gather at my Aunt Luisa’s place for lunch. The usual happens, we eat, we laugh, we cry (thanks to our parental and our once a year lectures) and more recently – we drink (now that everyone is grown up!).

We also celebrate our cousin Adrian’s birthday and for me my sister from another Mr – bestie Leti’s born is today too. It’s difficult to be in three places at once – but it’s well worth the tiresome day to be out and about wishing everyone a Happy New Year or more importantly a ‘Happy Birthday’.

Blossoming in the Savannah – not quite but as I flick through the captures from today I look outside and see another glorious sky.

 The colours reminded me of my Aunt Luisa’s garden today. As the little ones ran around enjoying the sun – her garden of all sorts was in full bloom.

Hope you’ve had a colourful and blooming day where ever you are in the world. I’ve always worked during Christmas and New Year’s. It’s only day 2 but I’m thankful for the time spent in the past few weeks with the people who matter the most – my big, beautiful and loud family x


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