Wishing you all this and more for 2014!

Cannot be bothered putting together a flippogram OR going back and selecting my highlights for the year that has been. All I can say is yes I’m definitely on that good health buzz, luck has brought me plenty of jaw dropping moments in the past 12 months, money has been plentiful but is not the most important thing, it has truly been a happy year because although we lost beloveds we find peace that they are now resting too. 2013 was prosperous in many ways career, love, and in family life. So salute to another 364 days!

Thank you Brianna Fruean for sharing this and although it has it’s conservation of animal life message at the heart of things – I thought this can be applied to life in general.


All those dreams and goals you have written or unwritten – it’s never too late to make it a reality. Like the above the way I see it – if you want to go see elephants then GO! Or if you wish this for your children and their children? Create a today that makes tomorrow dream a reality 🙂

Blessed year and look forward to sharing more of my journeys with you from both ends of the lens.

Aloha nui loa x


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