Sunday Post: Photo of a Photo

Sunday Post: Photo of a Photo

This photo of a photo is my pic of 2013. To find this keep sake before the year ended is a reminder of why I love capturing life. Having returned back to the city of sails from a week in the might Waikato – I realize I’m more like my parents and their parents when it comes to ‘family’. Thank you Aunty Evie for sharing this photo – insert from left Ana (nee Lafaele) Tominiko my beloved and late Nana with grand-aunt Philomena Smith who has also joined the angels in heaven. They’re pictured here in Fiji during a trip with the nuns back before they met their husbands and started their own little families. Priceless.

The smaller frame on the far right is of Great grand-aunt Uefa (nee Pule) who is Aunt Philomena’s mum.

We lit a candle for you both along with all our beloveds during our reunion because there will always be a seat at our family gatherings reserved for you. Forever in my heart x


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