Sunday Post: Visiting one of his faves…

As fate has it – this year I was a little braver, not sure if smarter but definitely took a plunge into the world of ‘dating’ 🙂

Before I came along there is always a story or perhaps ‘stories’ to tell of all the women he has been with in his ‘previous’ life. Yes I’d like to think life has become somewhat renewed for him since I entered (lol).

Being the functioning workaholic that I am? Mr Truckie (seems to be the code of conduct, give them nicknames in virtual world) has survived this long – to accept that fact he only gets to see me one day of the week. Sunday. Yes I even allocated the time slot and text him if I’m running late or re-schedule to another day/night of the week if Sunday is no longer convenient.

Enough with that boring – goo-goo-gaga stuff but onto the visits. I was intro’d to this pretty young thing when I met her dad for the first time too. Petal (that is not her name either but we’ll keep it consistent) is an absolute joy to hug. Apart from her constant need to lick my face [I don’t think Mr Truckie will even read this lol] I went into this knowing that I’ve got some competition. Hence why she’s one his faves 😉

Check out this stunner – might need to set her up on a date. Puppy love 🙂


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