Rape and the forfeit of freedom

Le Folauga - The Journey

sad girlThere’s a problem in Samoa. It’s not a new problem and it may not even be an escalating issue but it has definitely become more prevalent in the public eye thanks to recent reports by the Samoa Observer and the efforts of people like my friend, author Lani Wendt-Young.

This blog is not intended as a discourse on Samoan sexuality nor is it about our imparted inability to speak out on sensitive issues because sex, even in our rapidly advancing and modernized culture is still taboo. This blog is not meant to condemn one and elevate the other even though the words ‘perpetrator’, ‘offender’ and ‘victim’ are enough to insinuate that there is an assignment of guilt to one party and a horrifying and lasting result for the other.


In Samoa there is no word for rape so our people made one up – fa’a malosi. The…

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