Make Love To Me

Couldn’t have said it any better – be a lover y’all!

Curly Miri

Sex. It was never a topic discussed in our household growing up as a child.  In fact, it was a muted subject. I was introduced to the tender topic at the age of 10 in sex education. Our class watched a video of child birth and each student was given a banana and condom.  I couldn’t quite get the condom on the banana so in my frustration I ate the banana instead and watched as my classmates blew up the condoms, filled them with water and laughed uncontrollably at the video.

I recall having a sleepover at my cousin’s house around age 11 and hearing boisterous noises from the room of her parent’s.  “They’re having sex.”  Oh, okay.  Blatantly unaware of what ‘sex’ entailed.

I find my naive state of mind regarding sex at that age to be quite hilarious.  Seriously, a banana is nothing like a penis.  I still don’t…

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