“You can’t be happy when you’re fat. No-one can.”

A beautiful post of self worth and just doing things for yourself. Thank you Lani – i couldn’t have said it better.

Lani Wendt Young

atruthA while back, Bella was getting dressed for school when she uttered words that broke my heart.

“Mama, I’m fat. But I want to be skinny like Kelly. See my tummy?” She pulled up her shirt to show me a beautiful belly that loves tickles.

And I looked at my five year old daughter – really looked at her. The pleading sadness in her big, brown eyes. The ‘yuck-face’ she made as she patted at her little-girl tummy. The discontent in the droop of her shoulders as she turned to look at her reflection in the mirror. It was a sadness and a ‘yuck-face’ and a discontent that I know all too well.

What have I done?

She didn’t stop there. She wanted to be smaller – ‘like my friend blah blah’. Less hairy – ‘like my friend blah blah’. I noted that all the friends she was aspiring to look like…

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