A Shout out to Photographers

It is for this very reason I carry camera or grab a gadget close to me to ‘capture life’ – still moments are more than a thousand words. Art.

Christina Force

It’s a busy world. My recent lack of posts is evidence of the craziness in my life- and I know plenty of busier people. Technology demands that we are constantly responding to a barrage of social media updates, never mind Emails, texts, and the humble old fashioned phone call. So it’s no wonder that most of us mortal beings don’t stop and smell the roses.

When I say mortal beings I do not include photographers, for you, my friends and colleagues, are the ones who immortalise the minutiae of daily life many of us pass by. Who else in their right mind has time to stop and notice, let alone capture, the rusty surface of an old fence when they’re rushing to catch a train? Who has time to down tools and gaze, in depth, at a shirt drying in the sunshine when they’re late for a copy deadline? Or examine…

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