A Sister’s Voice

What a beautiful piece. Making me teary here at the office. Too blessed beyond measure with many sisters 🙂 Thank you Maryanne x

Creative Talanoa

316902_452849768102133_757156237_nIt is my sister’s birthday today (pictured above with her husband and daughter) and to celebrate her special day, I would like to share one of my new spoken word pieces which I had written about her called A Sister’s Voice. I surprised my sister one evening with an audio recording of A Sister’s Voice which moved her to tears.

A Sister’s Voice illustrates my appreciation and gratitude for my sister and what her presence in my life has meant as she is my only sibling. Also, in this piece there are a couple of references made to A Woman of Strength which is a poem written about my Mother and A Father’s Labour of Love which is another new spoken word piece written about my Father, an ode to each of my family members.

In the past month, I have shared A Sister’s Voice live for the first time…

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