Wednesday Wisdom: READ

The joys of finding a simple collaboration. My two faves, inspirational quotes & my own photos that inspire me to continue capturing today.

I’ve always been a book-worm. From the innocent days of R.L Stine, Stephen King and as I’ve evolved, found my girly flair (I blame all the chic – flicks!) I’ve become a hopeless romantic novel reader – perhaps borderline erotic romantic reader. I torment myself by reading a series or trilogy. The never-ending story of the tragic Mr Perfect or Ms Imperfect. Like Romeo & Juliet – I’m a sucker for the modern-day Shakespearean tales.

Back to uplifting you (yes the reader/viewer) the visitor to my virtual fale (Samoan word for house) Β – shall we travel? Yes. It’s not about where you came from, but it’s where you are going. If you haven’t already, continue to turn those pages and live out your life story on the blank pages of your tomorrow (oh I like the sound of that Ana lol). Happy hump day!



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