Tuesday Post: Screw the PLAN!

Yes. I said it! Easier typed out then done. I have always been one of ‘those’ people – a planner. I’d mapped out alot of my life around the age of 12. Now knocking on 30’s door let’s say it didn’t quite pan out as I thought it out to be.


Then I came across this today. Ahhhh – it all makes sense. Life happened and a lot of things changed for me by the age of 12. I’d told myself ‘I’ll get through high school, live with Nana & Pa, have them at my graduation & wedding, go off to university, be a doctor / lawyer, help Pa build the houses he wants in Savaii, be married by 25, have my first baby at 27…’ need I say more?

As you can imagine that list did not get ticked off. Previously mentioned – LIFE HAPPENED! I am a few months out from turning 27. No I am not a doctor/lawyer, Nana & Pa never got to see me graduate (rest in peace) and I’m not expecting my first child (just to confirm a few things ha!). To my shock horror I wasn’t ready for the speed bumps, the pot holes, the u-turns, the unexpected ‘out of gas’ days and all the other surprises along the way. Alas, I made it through and this has certainly shaped my outlook on the future.

A few months ago I decided to make some major decisions for ME. I even made plans to leave everything I know here in New Zealand and cast my eyes abroad. Then the inevitable happened – our Papa passed away (today is birthday – manuia lou aso fanau Tama) a week out from jetting off. Again – not what I’d ‘pictured’ it to be.

It’s been a month since a lot of the new changes in my life have taken place. New job, new schedule, new projects and even met a man. Now if August wasn’t a month of all things new? then I have no idea because it certainly wasn’t what I pictured. Again!

Anyhow – this is just another one of those random posts I decided to share with the world-wide web and all the crickets of virtual space. Thanks for tuning in – welcome September!



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