Sunday Post: the journey continues…

Yes. This is one of those posts. If you want to know than carry on reading. If not – then thanks for checking in (please come again).

New month. New beginnings. I start a new job tomorrow and i am EXCITED! I was anxious yesterday – probably explains the sudden head aches, cramps and loss of appetite (if only it contributed to my dream boflex body lol).

I’ve often said my career is my baby. Well then this baby has taken 9 years (not months) to bake in the oven and I still don’t know when it’s going to be pushed out. Tomorrow is a great time to be in labour.

In saying that I have met so many people while carrying (yes let’s continue with the pregnancy perspective). Trust me I’ve done a bit whilst studying (trying to get that paper). It never quite sinks in till it all happens at once!  Good things really do take time.

Life as I know it? Very good. My sister recently moved companies which to me was a fantastic thing for her. Being a Samoan woman in her early 20’s and offered that kind of salary? Heck. The world is her oyster. We were raised by a father who reminded us everyday that ‘No boyfriend. Read books, don’t look at boys because they will fudge up your life’. Yes. He was very honest in raising us (in particular my sister and I) and there was no room for shading this old man because like he put it “I gave you life so I knew you before you were born. I know all the tricks in the books”. LOL!

Bless you dad! If only you knew how often I tweet, post or mention you in this virtual world – surely they make up for all the butterfly kisses that have slowly become obsolete over the years.

Anyway. Back to my random thoughts. The journey continues tomorrow (like every other day). I will put on a combo that I’ve spent the past 30 mins trying to put together in front of the mirror and show up ready to tackle the day with my new work colleagues.

Life behind the lens will go on and lucky for our generation with all the technology given to us through invention – we can freeze time. I have attended many special occasions over the past three months and each has been a privilege to witness. Thank you to each and every one of you for inviting A Faatoia Fotography to capture life with you and your families.

This is not an acceptance speech so I’ll keep it short. Updates? Because you asked… Footy still fuels a lot of my social networking conversations. Went to church tonight and was moved by the celebrant’s homily (it had been a while). I went back to yoga and almost fainted (standard deal with me and fitness lol). Have become obsessed with red lippy (10 fashion trends later). My new guilty treat are cupcakes – nom! I still read romantic novels that keep me sane and believing that the perfect man is out there for me (roll your eyes you pick up a book and read then we can talk lol). I’ve put my photography out there in the art world and along the way have connected with plenty of creatives that just inspire me to just dance!

On that note would like to leave you with this tune – hope you do just that. Dance your way through what ever the week has in store for you. If it rains? then pirouette with an umbrella.



4 thoughts on “Sunday Post: the journey continues…

    • Hi Helen,

      thank you for joining me on my random ramblings. Nobody else can be positive for you right? I hope all is well on your end and that you have plenty of opportunities to dance this week.


  1. Ooooh your world is exiting right now! Wishing you all the best from Melbourne! Re: yoga, I hear you! Got sent there by my GP to help ‘strengthen core’ but Im hoping for a more easier way to do it without going to a class where I look so un-co, seriously, who can stand on one leg and pose like an airplane? not me. All the best on your next career-journey and congrats on reaching full trimester hahahah…sorry couldn’t stop that last one! 🙂

    • Hi Rita,

      I can say the same for you music extraordinaire! Congratulations on the proposal acceptance and always look forward to your updates on how it is all going

      Yoga. I try to get there as much as I can. And heated yoga just kills me! But we’re a punishment for pain aren’t we (must be the Samoan up bringing lol) – e le fiu lol!

      Thank you. Today labour lasted only a few hours. I got over the nerves and I can say that career in this industry is going to be long and prosperous. Very happy 🙂

      Have a great week Rita. Blessings.

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