Wednesday Wisdom…

I shared this earlier on my instagram , reposted from my personal Facebook news feed. Quotes can flood ones twitter timeline, email inbox, received text messages and there is always the one you come across that leaves you thinking ‘out of all days I chose to read this one…’

Every Wednesday I’m going to share some of that wisdom that I come across in all the various social media networks.

This particular image caught my eye because of the painting. After reading the larger text I was nodding (carry on).

As an older sister to teenagers, first born of ageing parents, an aunt to many youngsters and maybe someday a mother to a boy/girl this is what I hope I could pass onto them. To know their worth in the eyes of another person. To know the difference. And to never lose themselves in fast forwarding life of many children these days.


Word to the wise on a Wednesday with not so wise Ana 🙂


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