I love this post. Tough love but real love. A proud daughter of Samoan parents things were not given to me on a silver platter. These are life lessons, now that I’m an adult I understand what it means to work hard for what you want in life. I’m more so part of the ‘Daddy’s little girl’ category along with my sister. Only the two of us and as we transition into moving overseas for career purposes. It really is showing Dad’s softer side too. Or it comes with age? lol. Love you Dad 🙂

The Lost Coconut

Do you remember growing up as a little girl and being Daddy’s Little Princess?

No?  Neither do I…..

I’ve always wondered about this new concept of The Father and His Princess.  I say ‘new’ because as a Samoan, it really is a new concept.  My dad was the typical tough and strict Samoan father (for those of you who have just joined us, you really need to catch up:THE BIGGEST HIDING OF MY LIFE).  I spoke English, my dad spoke Broken English.  So during my childhood years, every conversation with him went like this:

Me:  Dad! Can I have some money for my school trip next week?

Dad: Whats for?

Me:  We have to pay a fee to go on the trip

Dad:  Whats for?

Me: So I can go on the trip

Dad: Whats for?

His “Whats for?” was the reply he had everywhere we went –…

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