This is NOT a rehearsal…

Just one of those evening’s you sign onto Facebook and you get a friendly reminder from some higher power. Somebody, somewhere in this world decided to post something that sums up your day, how you feel, a phase that you might be going through.

Those recurring posts that flood your news feed finally caught my attention tonight. It has a little to do with the full on weekend I just had. Running on probably 7 hours of sleep in total I’d say it was worth every waking moment.

“There is plenty of time to rest when you are dead Ana” says my Dad.

The words are from a man who doesn’t waste time, hard worker and definitely one who has endured a lot in his life. I could write a novel based on Dad and his many personalities but maybe it’ll be written in another lifetime.

FYI (because you asked). Been busy doing this and that. Recently hooked up with a high school friend, Shantell Nair (work is flawless) who is now a make up artist. Yes I’m still covering work for SUGA magazine and there’s other projects I’ve started to poke my lens into. Don’t worry still not a millionaire (that part needs rehearsing lol). For now making it happen the best way possible. Watch this space 🙂

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