Great tips from a good friend of mine. Definitely a must read. Enjoy!


I’ve often been asked to give tips about how to give a speech or short talk to students who a) are of Pacific Island decent b) attend a low decile school c) pretty rowdy and often have no problem expressing their dissatisfaction.

Well first things first! regardless of who your audience is, the best way to be a good speaker is by PRACTICE! Practice often and in any given situation eg. chatting with friends, during discussions, in meetings, at family functions etc… There are many opportunities for you to practice, start little and build it up!

A successful speaker

  • understands the message
  • relates to the audience
  • listens to their audience

Here’s a few tips – Hope its helpful

  1. Know your audience: Do some research.  Approach friends or family who have attended the school or have had some experience with the students.  Its about connecting with your audience, if you can…

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