Summed up beautifully by the lovely Fatima. Now is the TIME to make it happen. Hakuna matata πŸ™‚

Living the dream

You must be wondering why I asked this question but while I was on the plane from Christchurch to New Plymouth a random thought came to mind. I started thinking about what time will I arrive, what time I will get to work, what time I will be heading to the gym etc

Here is a little something I wrote while on the plane from representing my company at the WIE Industry Connections evening Tuesday 17 July 2012.

Time is measured. It is not underestimated. It is your direction, your guide, your alarm clock. Time is in our diaries, calendars, wall planners, watches, smart phones, emails, plane tickets, bus timetables, schedules, countdown, twitter, facebook.

Time is so important we must not be careless of every second, minute, hour, day, month, year and so on. We begin with time β€œWhat is the time?” It commends people who are on time and…

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