A global covenant? TELESA available worldwide!

Talofa everyone!

Back in December I was fortunate to go along to the Auckland book launch of Lani Wendt Young’s Telesa: The Covenant Keeper. It was such a privilege to meet the woman behind the fierce Leila, the luring green-eyed hunk Daniel and the elemental powers of our dear motherland Samoa. X-Men have nothing on our Samoan elemental gods. 🙂

With book II about to be released here is your chance to get a FREE copy. Did I say FREE? Yes free e-copy of Lani’s first book of the Telesa trilogy. To celebrate the Wellington launch the e-copy is only available for 24 hours so get your download on.

Even Lani wants you to join the readers covenant…

…you do not need to own a Kindle or e-reading device to download your FREE copy of TELESA. You can get the free Kindle Application from Amazon.com for your phone/laptop/PC/iPad and read TELESA any way you like. The following link will take you to the Amazon.com listing for Telesa.

Download FREE e-copy now – Telesa: The Covenant Keeper by Lani Wendt Young.


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If a more hands on reader hard copies are available. Checkout Lani’s Sleepless in Samoa for ordering instructions.

Happy reading (and sweet dreams for the hypnotic green-eyed surprise that awaits you lol). Soifua ma ia manuia.


4 thoughts on “A global covenant? TELESA available worldwide!

    • Hi Seti,

      thank you for the visit apologies this post is expired it was available for download a long time ago. But you can purchase e-copy of Lani’s Telesa trilogy via Amazon and if you have kindle app on your device then you can access it from ipad 2 🙂

      Hope that helps.


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