Pacific Artist: Fa’amele Etuale at Pasifika 2012

Commonly known as Mele is an established artist with eight solo exhibitions over the years – a ‘struggling artist’ is how she describes the journey to date with a big smile. I am proud to share with you the pieces that will be up for sale at this year’s Pasifika Festival. Held in Western Springs, Auckland on Saturday 10th March.

Mele is one of my cousin’s whom I grew up admiring. She could take a paintbrush and create anything. Give her a pencil and she will sketch you for the beautiful human being that you are.

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I asked plenty of questions when I visited her last night. She is a woman of not many words (you’re kidding me? us women always have lots to say). Well not this superwoman. Her hands do the talking and her medium? the canvas.

When asked how she can stay up all hours of the night painting? She takes hold of a plain canvas and immediately you see the connection. Like a mother holding her new-born baby – Mele embraces the canvas with her left hand.

“Are you sad when you see someone looking at one of your pieces knowing they are most likely to buy it?”

“Of course. The problem with me cuz is I can’t duplicate. So when that piece is done, sold then it is gone forever”

To this I gasped. People are paying for her art – ONE OF A KIND art. You will not find that piece anywhere else. You’ll see a few sets in there – take a closer look – each piece is different. We jokingly laughed – if there are duplicates somewhere then it’s definitely a copycat. It’s not just music & movies being pirated.

Check out Mele Etuale’s art on display and available for sale on Saturday 10th March at the Pasifika Festival. You will not be disappointed. There is something for everyone. She is very much in sync with the elements that she has representations for earth, wind, water – perhaps the fire is her passion. Yes it is a reflection of what she enjoys but more importantly its art produced for the pure LOVE of painting.

Two months – about 80 pieces produced. True love. Congratulations cuz on what you have achieved, produced to date. I wish you all the best for Saturday. Keeping you in my prayers for what he has planned for you and your gift. Blessings 🙂

You can find Mele on Facebook via Artist Pacific Painter.


2 thoughts on “Pacific Artist: Fa’amele Etuale at Pasifika 2012

    • She sure is. Thank you for always taking the time to checkout my posts Ms Pale. Hope the weather clears up for festival this weekend. 🙂

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