It’s that time of year again…

Lent. Personally my spiritual new year begins now.

Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of lent. It’s the lead up to my favourite time of year – Easter. It draws a spotlight on my relationship with God. What is missing? What needs to be revisited to strengthen that connection. Because Lord knows I am not perfect.

When I say ‘God’ it doesn’t necessarily mean ‘church’ ‘holy’ ‘sacred’ things. To me God is everywhere. He is the man I sit next too at the bus stop. The child throwing a tantrum in the shopping mall. That girl nobody wants to sit next too or the colleague everyone avoids having to talk too.

When I say ‘relationship’ I am referring to my relationships with all kinds of people. At the end of the day – you are my ‘Jesus in disguise’ whether I know it or you know it.

Growing up I associated lent with ‘sacrifice’. This year I surrender all. The household is buzzing with Lenten promises. The usual; junk food, smoking, alcohol etc. As much as I love being busy – giving my time to various projects, work and what not. For lent I want to give up my time to spend more with my loved ones.

To speak words of kindness. To really listen. To be more patient. I’m so hard on them because I expect them to know better I forget just to be that. A sister. So apart from helping them out by also giving up junk food – no meat (yes I’m a vegetarian this time around); My giving is time.

Today we also remember our beloved ‘Garden City’ Christchurch. The scars still remain long after the cameras left. Kia kaha. Kia toa.

To my fellow Katoliko (Catholics); have a blessed lent season may it bring you much-needed peace. πŸ™‚

For the next 40 days I’ll be walking in my wilderness with you Lord. I surrender all.


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