Last year’s Lenten promises.

Chronicles of a Lady

It’s that time of year. Lent is the 40 days of preparation leading up to ‘Holy Week’. It begins tomorrow, Ash Wednesday. Apart from the religious aspect, this time of year reminds me of my Pa.

For Lent I have a list of things I’d like to change/add/remove from my daily routine. Being the technological dependant person that’s the first thing to go. Aaargh how will I keep in contact? Back to basics I go :).

  • No social networks ( bye Twitter, Skype & FB). Pen pal anybody? LOL.
  • No cell phone (bye Vodafone).

I love my food but for the next 40 days…

  • No rice, bread (aargh Samoans daily dietary needs)
  • Meat is out (had my last piece of steak for dinner)
  • any JUNK (not even a chip) LOL.

Finally to give during the time of Lent has been a strong ritual in our household. In addition to the non-profit organisations i’m affiliated…

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