Strength is when you have nothing left but to love…


Although this ‘diary space’ serves as an avenue for me to share my photography with you all. This is also a platform in which I can express my opinions on matters I feel strongly about.

Only having seen ‘Attitude in Samoa’ edition which screened on TVNZ’s channel ONE last year (I know delayed) I have this urge to pack my bags and join the team of amazing people leading the way in the islands.

“It’s so frustrating.. simple things could make such a difference here.”

I applaud all the NGO’s who are really striving to raise awareness and change the attitude of the community. Malo le onosa’i, le loto toa.

It certainly is not a curse. Gone are the times where we allowed for such superstitions. God has given our people the opportunity to network, travel to other nations, education and this is the blessing that will help our people overcome ANY challenge.

It is beautiful to know that although most may turn a blind eye, look or laugh at the so-called deformity of others – there is real strength in the cross bearer.

I shed a tear many times while watching. I pray that the work of these amazing groups continue to allow (even it’s just one person a day) for change. Life is life. We should embrace it all regardless of the package it may come delivered in.

“They are human beings, they have feelings… disability is not an inability.”

Here are the links to the episode for your viewing.

Attitude in Samoa Part 1

Attitude in Samoa Part 2

Attitude in Samoa Part 3

Attitude is a TVNZ documentary programme which screens weekly. For more information visit:

Blessings πŸ™‚


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