All good things must come to an end…

Before all this fuss over digital cameras, which lens is best for that shot? How many mega pixels? there was the long wait till you saw what the photos really looked like. The trips to the pharmacy to drop off the films so the person in the red room can work their magic. Knowing that someone out there was going to see the photos before you did? *gasp*

That was the kindle part of the process – surprise or shock me. They were the REAL Kodak Moments.

Kodak filed for bankruptcy this week. Very unfortunate. The impact of technology comes at a cost. Film photography has become a thing of the past. I showed our 7 year-old a film yesterday and so the 21 questions began (made me feel ancient lol).

We’ve always had a camera. Polaroids are my earliest recall. We never had disposable because Dad said it was ‘ma’imau le tupe’ (Samoan for ‘waste of money’). So he invested in a camera that always became obsolete after a few years – no surprise there. The realisation that many things are becoming almost extinct to the new generation prompted me to go treasure hunting through some ‘old things’.

Remember when there was no LCD preview screen?

Have you looked through your chest, boxes, filing cabinets tucked away in the least enlightening part of the house, attic or garage?

I found plenty of films. Sixteen which I had put away in a box because I was meant to get them developed last year when I found them. Seeing that film photography is becoming extinct (says the look on 7 year-old’s face) I’ll definitely make that trip to the pharmacy to get these photos done.

This week I’ll take the first lot in, then the tedious wait, eager return and instead of a gasp, excited to know what the red room came up with….

say CHEESE πŸ™‚ !


5 thoughts on “All good things must come to an end…

  1. wow I heard somewhere Kodak fell through cos they didn’t wana keep up with the technology trends…bad…Hoping to invest in a camera for SUGA magazine so you can use it, and will need your help choosing the best one!

    • Yes the one time I was home in time to catch the 6pm bulletin there is a report on Kodak. It brings back alot of memories. These days our photo albums are all on a hard drive or stored online. Definitely! Don’t worry we’ll go camera shopping soon. I need an upgrade after that red carpet experience πŸ™‚

    • I hope not! But with more people using digital gadgets – it is rare to see anyone purchasing films. With the pile of films I find randomly each year (from many years ago) the red room needs to stay in business πŸ™‚

  2. Unfortunately, it seems that’s the way we are headed. I hope film continues to survive, so photographers can marvel at the spectacle of watching their images come to life.

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