Behind The Lens For 2011

I’ve mentioned that my life revolves around the letter F. Just a few fotos from my F’d (not French at all) up year.


This will always be at the top of my list – well until I have my ‘own’ family (so Bronson – pictured above with 5’beans says). As much as I threaten to leave or curse about them when they play with my not so nice emotions – I love them to bits. I can’t live without them. They are the reason I have these goals and aspirations for the future. Why I will continue to strive for the extraordinary life. 🙂


Food, food and lots of food. What else are you supposed to do for 365 days. I’d say food has been a priority. Better living.

Been lots of screaming, cheering and tears especially during NRL season. Not to mention the hype around RWC2011. Despite the loss at grand final – the aiga are ready for 2012! Go Warriors!

Plenty of good times with family and friends. My most memorable by far is the Brian McKnight concert. I will never get over it! It’s like how it took me months to calm down after going to Backstreet Boy’s concert. Well after a night of being serenaded by this fine gentleman – STILL the one.

and then …a Faatoia foto:

blogging, tweeting, posting my fotos has really helped me link up with all kinds of people. It’s even pushed me to take it further. To nurture, to embrace, to own the creative bone I never knew existed. There is definitely no turning back.

Which brings me to the one thing that is always unchanging… my FAITH:

Thankful for the year that has been. What greater gift then to still be alive to greet another year. Let the past be exactly that – history. Tomorrow is not promised but this New Year’s enthusiasm certainly makes for good ammunition. I will certainly continue to MAKE IT COUNT! “Here to collect on my dreams” – Cook. Indeed.

Happy New Year’s to you and yours. May it be filled with plenty of love, peace and happiness. Bring on 2012! 😉


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