The year in street photography

Looks like my boy Canon and I will be together 24/7. Bring on 2012 !!

Klara's Street

2011 was the year I carried my camera almost everywhere, the year the camera became an extension of my right arm, the year I found myself on the streets over and over again, the year the streets accompanied me through my highs and lows. This post is not a personal best-of, but rather a selection of how I saw and felt about street photography in 2011.

January. After having neglected street photography for a long while, I picked up my camera again. It instantly felt right.

It stuck as the month the obsession started (again) and never left.

I took walks for hours, alone. I shot everything I saw.

I took the bus instead of the subway, so I could see and shoot from the upper decks.

February. I changed perspectives.

I tried different vantage points.

I tried juxtapositions.

I discovered that I like shooting on familiar ground.

I found…

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