Reflection: A year ago…

What better way to kick off the new year than to be a Heart Racer for Heart Foundation New Zealand. Usually around this time of year everyone is contemplating on New Year’s resolutions (maybe not?). My favourite part of the holiday season is definitely the food! Can you blame me? LOL. Thankfully the The Great Weight of NZ Challenge doesn’t start till January 1st! *sigh* This brings me to ponder about what I was doing this time last year? (after a quick trip down memory lane via Facebook timeline)

  • Where were you this time last year?
  • What were you doing?
  • How was Christmas, 2010?

This is why I love photos. The memories that come flooding back like it was only yesterday. Irreplaceable. Reality hit me! This time last year we were having a merry time but with the intention to make it every bit the best summer for our ninja Bronson. It had been five months of in and out of hospital wards. His open heart surgery was scheduled for February. *tear* A year on I’m still tweeting / posting status’ about him but it’s all jolly. Literally! The scheduled operation didn’t go ahead. Did I ever tell you how that happened? If there wasn’t a more fitting time to see God in all his glorious might reach out in a time of need.

On the day of the operation Dad and Mum both went up stairs to check into the ward. It was a hot February afternoon! Big little brother and I were at the domain watching these crazy people jogging in the hot midday sun when the call came. “He’s just gone in for his last X-ray, he’s just had a blood test – the play therapist will be in soon to talk to Bronson about his operation. O mai loa te’i ua iai ni fesili e fai ile foma’i – come now you might have some questions for doctor“. I enjoyed sitting at the domain. To be honest I didn’t want to see all the children in the ward. Especially hearing the cries of babies who couldn’t exactly tell their parents what was wrong. Up to the ward little big brother and I went. We walked in and the look on his face made me just want to burst into tears! “Ana look what the nurse gave me – Action Man”. Dad was falling asleep on the chair next to the bed (lol) “oi o mai koekiki o’o mai le fafine faamatala ile kama le taimi lea e ala mai ai taeao – come, come the lady will be here soon to talk to him about the time he wakes up”. Although Bronson appeared to be a strong boy, his heart was far from that. The play therapist entered with her props. She gets straight to the point. “The demonstration is to help Bronson understand when he wakes up tomorrow he will feel different. His chest will look different.” Just as she begins to explain to Bronson why she gave him an action man the doctor walks in. “That’s not necessary… we’ve looked at today’s tests and I’ve discussed with my team Bronson is no longer having surgery in the morning…” Dad was the first to react. He stands up and hugs the doctor (like a joyous Samoan man would) “Doctor that is the best news. I’m so happy!” Doctor turns to Bronson ” Whatever you were doing worked.”

What exactly did we do? Pursuit of Happyness. It’s true what they say that happiness cures the sick (something like that). No use dwelling on the negative – positive attitude and above all  F.A.I.T.H (faith allows it to happen). [Ninja having a break from his day out in the sun – Long Bay,Auckland, Jan.2011]  Before leaving the hospital that day we joined hands and prayed. Right up to the very hour he’d been so gracious to walk with us through the difficult months. The prayers of all our family and friends definitely worked in our favour this time around. Blessed. This is the reason Lima and I are going to Make it Count! For our Nana (who lived a life full of heart complications), for our Pa (who died unexpectedly from a heart attack), for all our relatives, friends (who have died from heart related conditions), for our Pasifika community (we are all in this together) and of course one of the reasons my heart beats everyday, Bronson. Check out, share and spread the word – !

[Ninja, little big brother #2 and I at Eastern beach – AGAIN, Nov.2010]

Now running around with his invincible heart and eating a lot more than we’d like; He gets the earful. Hypocrites. So we’re going to walk the talk. Shed the kilos, lead healthier lifestyles and hopefully inspire our young ones that everything counts in the long run. How you choose to live out today will ultimately affect you down the track (that’s how I see it). We must make the most of it – after all life is the greatest gift of all. I wish you all a joyous and most blessed holiday season. May it be filled with laughter, tears (of joy), great music, delicious food and all the potential to make more happy memories. Manuia le Kirisimasi – Merry Christmas! 🙂


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