’tis the season to be jolly’

It’s that time of year again. You let loose and just have FUN! Who wants to be watching the scales, glued to the kitchen or worried about formalities when ’tis the season to be jolly’. The past ten days has been fotolush! Let’s say I’m hopelessly devoted to my boy Canon. LOL.

In the second-third of this grand finale of a month I’ve had many thrilling moments; Over the response to my fotos for book launch of Telesa: The Covenant Keeper. To see my fotos on other sites other than my blog/tweets/posts? Humbling.

Having all done with reading Telesa, I’m nothing short of praises! I absolutely LOVE it! I must admit having never read a Mills and Boon ( that were hidden around the house when I was growing up by my cousin who was a total romance novel enthusiast) the story is HOT! In the poetic words of Dr Selina Tusitala Marsh – “A kind of Sex in the City meets hex in the bush… ancient mythology meets teenage biology”. AGREED! 😉

Now I’m eagerly awaiting book two. Telesa: When Water Burns.

Another crazy, crazy time in the past week was going to see K-ci & Jojo live. I love nothing better than a great live performance of any sort.


What better way to spend a Thursday evening with my lovelies, singing along to soulful, R&B tunes. The highlight was definitely the opening acts. Barry Southgate and Spawnbreezie were every bit the classy artist.


Music is truly one of the greatest gifts. Thank you to the gifted who share it with us everyday!

On that note. I look forward to the festivities of the Christmas season. Playing santa is easy but hard on the bank. Ha! I attended mass with my fave man in the world. It’s never easy because he asks a million questions. After mass I did the quizzing. “So Bronson what was mass about?” …’Ahhh Jesus?… about a baby Jesus?’.

He won me over when he said ‘Christmas is not about Santa because he is not real – it’s about Jesus’ (I was more speechless about his Santa confession). He earned himself a Big Mac combo. Lovin’ it. 🙂


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