A Third Of The Way There

It’s only been 10 days into the jolly month of December and I’m already counting down to New Year’s. We are two-thirds of a month away from 2012. Unbelieveable!

Just last week I was huffing and puffing my way down court or across the try line with the awesome #teamFollow.

A twitter-inspired name, we represented the cause One Heart Many Lives and were so proud to wear the heart. Thank you OHML for providing us with our t-shirts. Keep up to date with the team out and about in the community on Facebook.

The tournament was all about having FUN.

Our team did just that all the way to first place. Thank you all for being great sportsmen/women. Bring on 2012!

Later on that day we celebrated Ninja’s 7th B’day. Dinner with the family and just making sure he had lots of fun. He too participated in a touch tournament on the other side of town. Getting himself sunburnt. No good.

Always thankful, forever grateful for God’s love bestowed upon our Bronson. Soldier on bro!

Less than a week later after being one of our star players, my cousin Adrian got hitched! What a beautiful day to do so too. Very hot!

You forget all the stress and craziness that surrounds a wedding once the day actually arrives. It was truly a family affair. Congratulations to you both! Apart from sharing the same anniversary as Dan & Honor Carter, my wish for you is nothing but peace, love and endless days of happiness.

WOAH! This has to be the longest entry thus far. Looking forward to the week ahead. Got parties, book launch and concert. Busy! 🙂


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