Sunshine Girl

I was in Hawaii (well close too LOL)  in the weekend for a surprise 30th. My best friend who is always throwing me under the bus insisted that I’d be the designated fotographer.

I missed the opening formalities… could you blame me? I was raised on island time! πŸ˜‰

Putting all jokes aside I am always humbled when family and friends consider me for such things. Still in the mind frame that this is a hobby, others around me think other wise.

That’s why I love the above foto… the lady of the hour leads her Hawaiian dance group Mana O Hula in a floor number she choreographed herself. To do something you love and be able to share it with the ones you love. Happiness.

Why wait for tomorrow? Live the life you have always wanted… live out your heart’s desires. Time to follow your own thoughts Ana. There’s a Sunshine Girl (or boy lol) in all of us. It’s time to shine!

Aloha nui loa πŸ™‚


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