LOL: Life Oh Life

What a year it has been. If someone asked me ten years ago what I’d be doing today? Answer would have been straight forward. I’d planned to have been all set up for life and ready to have my first child. LOL!

Talk about ambitious or just young and silly. As fate would have it nothing ever goes to plan. I am still hard at work setting up myself for a life full of limitless possibilities. As for the ‘first child’ – far from it. LOL.

It’s a blessing to wake up each morning and more so to see the ones you love. When you’ve been blessed with 365 days then I’m always thankful, forever grateful and never doubtful that life’s all good and it gets better everyday. Indeed.

The road ahead for yet another year to do it all over again is good to go. This time I’m not going to drive to where I’m going. I want to fly instead. Why go forward when you can go up? A great friend of mine reminded me this week that sky’s not the limit. Throw caution to the wind and just live out your heart’s desires without limits. Live it limitless.

My #1 on bucketlist remains unchanged – to live to be 100 years old. What happens between now and then? let’s write, post, tweet, blog, fotograph and store it for safe keeping.

Happy Halloween y’all but more importantly happy new year to the one I see in the mirror every morning. 🙂


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