Too Blessed To Be Stressed

Good morning sunshine! Be with me all day. Don’t let the rain pass you by.

Lyrics of a 90’s pop tune that is on repeat around this time of day for me.

It is  puzzling when people are in such low spirits, ranting about life’s trials, complaining and  always whining. What a gift it is for us to wake up in the morning and be able to walk, talk, see, hear, eat. Even the simplest of things is a mere dream for someone out there in the world.

Let’s make use of the life we have been given. If there is that one thing you always wanted to do and thought no? Well it’s time you said yes! Even if it means having to make sacrifices. Have you not sacrificed enough by not living out your heart’s desires?

It’s easier said then done. I understand. I’ve been through some hard times in my life. We all come with a story to tell (or not tell).

This week following last week’s trials and triumphs is only going to get better. I know it. You know it. We just have to keep reminding ourselves daily. My prayer is wherever you are in this world, I hope you grab hold of every day you are given. You are and I am too blessed to be stressed. 🙂


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